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Organization of the process

We are interested in providing you with information promptly and in full, but for this it is necessary to clarify the main points:
Персонализация обслуживания

Registration form

In the form, the main questions are grouped that will help us correctly redirect the request to the responsible specialist.
Эффективная аналитика в контакт-центре от Ареон Консалтинг

Correctness of filling

Unfortunately, we will not be able to promptly answer questions if you do not completely fill out the form or do it incorrectly.
Комплексная оценка

Features of work

We are focused on holding applied presentations. The more input you give us, the more productive the meeting will be.
Автоматизация процессов работы с клиентами от Ареон Консалтинг

Individual approach

We do not provide demo versions of systems, as we are interested in effectively solving your business problems, rather than demonstrating the interface.
Построение call-центра с Ареон Консалтинг

Transparency and openness

We will not only show you the capabilities of our solutions, but also introduce you to real customers who use them in their work.
Возможности для расширения

Result orientation

We are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation, therefore, even if for some reason our decisions cannot help you, we will definitely tell you about this and will orient you on the next steps.
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CRM Systems

Build mutually beneficial Customer relationships

  • Oracle Siebel CRM Implementation
  • Siebel IP19+ Migration
  • Siebel AMS/Performance Tuning
  • Siebel Integration
Operational BI

Benefit from data and improve processes

  • Data Warehouse and ETL
  • Advanced Analytics and Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualization
Call Centers

Effectively manage customer interactions

  • VICIdial Contact Centre
  • Chat Bot, DialogFlow
  • Application Intagration and Omnichannel
  • Reporting and Analytics
IT Outsourcing

Quikly expand the capabilities of your IT Team

  • Oracle (Siebel CRM, OEBS, BI)
  • SAP (ERP, BW, BO, Hana)
  • Full stack Software Development
  • Application Maintenance and Support